HSSE Policy

Prioritizing our Focus

We work together as One Team – employees, contractors and suppliers – towards zero injuries. Each of us is held
accountable for our individual and team’s health, safety, security and for keeping the environment free from harm. We deliver our commitments by living the 14 elements of our HSSE management system:

▪ Leadership: We are visible leaders at all levels and demonstrate a genuine commitment to HSSE.
▪ Risk Management: We keep our team safe and prevent pollution of the environment by identifying, assessing and
controlling risks. The Life Saver rules are adhered to at all times.
▪ Planning: We set clear HSSE goals, objectives, expectations and targets to deliver our business plans safely.
▪ People & Capability: We carefully select and train our team so that they are able to perform their work safely.
▪ Communication, Consultation & Documentation: We keep people informed and ensure team members are
consulted on any HSSE matters that might affect them.
▪ Facility Design & Construction: We design and construct our facilities to perform safely, reliably and without harm to
the environment.
▪ Operations & Maintenance: We operate and maintain our facilities safely, the way they were designed.
▪ Working with Contractors & Suppliers: We work together with our contractors and suppliers to manage workplace
▪ Emergency & Security Management: We plan ahead and develop capabilities to deal with emergencies, should
they occur.
▪ Management of Change: We recognize and control business changes that could impact HSSE.
▪ Performance Measurement & Monitoring: We monitor our HSSE performance and always seek improvements.
Incident Management & Learning: We learn from incidents and take the necessary actions so that they don’t
happen again.
▪ Governance: We regularly check to ensure all of our HSSE expectations and obligations are met.
▪ Management Review: We regularly review our HSSE performance and make adjustments in support of our
goal of zero injuries.


Quality Policy

Quality is our pride

Saphire Engineering Private Limited recognizes the importance that the quality of our service is the future of our business. The aim of our quality management system is to ensure that:

  • We deliver a quality service to maintain excellent customer relations

  • Customer satisfaction remains inherent to our business

  • Our customer’s requirements have been fully understood and met

  • All work is carried out consistently to a defined standard

  • We have the skills and resources to fulfil our customer requirements

  • Our staff are fully trained and involved in quality improvement

  • We strive to continuously improve our systems and procedures

  • We only use services that meet our own quality assurance standards

  • A professional approach to customer interface is maintained at all times

  • Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period

Quality is a degree of excellence, which is ever changing. Every member of our staff is involved in managing how we can improve today, tomorrow and long into the future. From the smallest procedure to the largest contract, quality is our passport to customer satisfaction and to our future